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We've been to all the debates, we've asked some tough questions. Please visit the Candidates page  for a quick summary of candidates' areas, their careers and education. Click HERE. 

It promises to be an interesting election. But first, standing in the way, is the elephant in the room:

The October 24, 2007 SHARON TEMPLE TREE-CUTTING INCIDENT  (Read Globe & Mail article HERE)


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Because it was resolved in secret, because money changed hands — and because taxpayers ended up paying $58,657 for some very bad decisions.     

These bad decisions were made by (then) Mayor Jamie Young, Councillor Marlene Johnston, (then) Councillor Virginia Hackson, Councillor Cathy Morton, and Councillor Jack Hauseman.

Not until a citizen doggedly pursued a Freedom of Information request did the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario issue an order. The truth came out five years later:

  • The town incurred legal fees of $47,619 because of the incident.

  • Mayor Jamie Young and Councillor Marlene Johnston each spent $5499 and $5539 on their personal legal bills and they were reimbursed for these out of the charitable Taste of Tuscany gala Fund.

  • In the report "Confidential Principles of Council Settlement" — later ordered to be released to the public by the Information and Privacy Commissioner, Council made the offer to reimburse Young and Johnston a total of $11,038 for their legal fees, and Young and Johnston were to pay the insurance deductible of $5,000. Read the Confidential Settlement HERE.

  • In the same settlement, it was decided "Mayor Young shall be reimbursed for the difference between the Council salary adjustment of $16,566, less the lease payments made for the hybrid vehicle in 2007.  There will be a review of Mayor and Council remuneration for 2008, with an expressed view of increasing the Mayor s salary." 

  • The mayor eventually did see his compensation balloon upwards $20,000 in 18 months. 

  • In an unprecedented move, Mayor Young and Councillor Johnston signed the confidential document that was clearly designed to increase their financial gain. Councillors Hackson, Morton and Hauseman added their signatures. 

  • Later, the law firm of Aird & Berlis slammed the Town for these unethical tactics. "The Gala was intended to raise funds for various capital community projects within the Town, including for the Civic Square and for the Sharon Temple...it is not appropriate to pay these costs from the Gala Fund reserve and the reserve should be reimbursed in the amount of $58,657." Read the Aird & Berlis report HERE.

  • Later, the Town did, properly, reimburse the Gala Fund. From the Town's — read: taxpayers' — pockets.